Oleh: reyzalmysterio | 16 Oktober 2010

Yeah …..i believe that love is exist..i believe that love brings happiness …i believe that love is a power…you also think so.right???
May be these all are God way that has given to me…
As a human n men,i want to feel beautiness of love..what’s taste inside it,n another good things on love.. 

I dont know why are these should happen in my life..why????

Are there too many things wrong with me,with my character,with my daily activities..oke….i’ll change all wrong things in my self if those are actually right the reason..

Dear God..give me reason..give me power to solve this all.. 

I need much of God light for directing me to fight all devil’s blood in my body ,in my heart,n in my brain..I need to refresh,n reset my life …yeah…so that I’ll be better ..

Any person love me????
I ask that,but nobody answers..ya..it shows me that nobody love me..n i really know it before..

HOWEVER…I must not regratte this all..caused this is the way that has given by God to me..

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