Oleh: reyzalmysterio | 29 April 2010

express the soul of art in DEVIANTART.COM .While Im remembering my inspiration( mirzzu )

The site for expressing human soul n sense of art.Really the best place for share the most nice n beautiful things on the earth ever.For people who has bigger sense of art like me,they must join here to broadcast the uniqueness in their selves..

inspired by mirzzu on mirzzuchology.deviantart.com

but lately , mirzzu or siti rahmayanti or mirzsazsazsu or mirzzuchology or nona mirzzu or   mirju or mimir’ve rarely update her deviantart.com .

but out there, millions of people who admired her always look forward to everything new from her.Started from his facebook, tumblr, formspring, deviantART, plurk and the others.

keep updating!

written by reyzalmysterio



  1. nice post.. lam kenal..
    bisa tukeran link ga ??
    di tunggu kunjungan baliknya.. tq sob

  2. ya makasih….ya ntar q add link kamu

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