Oleh: reyzalmysterio | 20 Januari 2010

Can i go back into my past ???

Dear god !!

It is about big question i have for you..

“can i go back into my past???”

I feel so sad when i am recalling my memory about my past..sure,really i am crying for a long time until my old eyes ejaculating much of blood,and do u know,it is pain.

My past ?
Yeah,not false i said like that..

My past is full of everything which always make my days full of colors.yeah its can looked like a rainbow.

Thanks so much to my lovely dad..u’re my sunshine in my young day..u slanted my young day..i know that u’ve been leaving me away,n i also don’t know where u spent your times now..
I really love u Dad..i need your love very much..

Please come back to me again..i’ve been missing u ever..

Your son

Rizal Fahmi


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