Oleh: reyzalmysterio | 8 Oktober 2009


I do not know,
Why recently, I often saw the girl my dream girl .they are really my type.

an example sheza Idris, I highly idolized her.
from the start physically until his behavior.I always see a movie starring her.

but at school,I also saw the girl of my dreams the other .in the types of physical and behavior, she looked like sheza Idris.she also charming.
I even had time to talk with her.fortunately he was not from
Sundanese. so, I can speak fluently with her.hahahaha….I was very stupid.because I can only speak a local language, namely Java tuleeeeen.hehehehe…..
In addition, yesterday, I also saw my dream girls in two different places.they faces very typical of asia, especially Japan.they eyes narrow and beautiful.so,they looked nice and beautiful.I really like the type of girls like that.

I also do not know,why reyzalmysterio can like this type.
but it’s okay, this is who I really am.

one suggestion from me.BE YOUR SELF !!!!!!!

note:this is my first english article.please understandable if it’s still a lot of mistakes.

still in the learning phase

written by reyzalmysterio on:
Thursday, 8 October 2009


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